Why Strategy Is Important for Small Businesses

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Do you ever feel confused about why your sales are so-so and why it’s hard to find new clients? Or do you ever find yourself lacking clarity about how to grow your business?

And when it comes to growing the business, does it ever feel like your employees aren’t on the same page and that sometimes they’re not even speaking the same language?

Then, you may benefit from strengthening your company’s strategy.

Strategy is important for any sized organisation, but it can have a big impact on small businesses

What is strategy?

Strategy isn’t just setting goals, it’s defining how your company will accomplish its goals because a good strategy can be leveraged, refined and replicated to conquer even bigger goals.

Strategy is creating a roadmap for your business to operate by. And, it’s creating a common language everyone in your organisation can speak when talking about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

What problems can your strategy address?

Strategy can address a range of problems from:

  • so-so-sales
  • an inconsistent customer acquisition process
  • confusion about what to post on social media
  • employees who seem to never be on the same page
  • challenges in pivoting in a changing market
  • lack of clarity on how to grow your business
  • confusion about why people aren’t engaging with your business
  • doubt about starting a new business

Opportunities presented from developing a strategy

Developing a strategy can help you work with your dream clients and create the business you envisioned when you first started out. It can also give you the opportunity to make more money and have a greater impact.

Developing a strategy that impacts your business

Many companies have strategy documents that are as thick (and outdated) as a phone book, and often, they’re academic exercises more than they are living documents.

Executives sometimes spend hours and hours filling out templates, projecting their plans and going back and forth between vision and mission statements.  But in the end, they often end up with employees who are unaware of the plans, organisations that are floundering along and an obvious lack of intentionality.

This doesn’t have to be your fate.

And in today’s climate, many small businesses are only one disastrous situation away from bankruptcy, so, resources management is crucial.  Developing a strategy ensures the most efficient and impactful use of those resources.

The Strategy Formula

Because we believe strategy is so important and should be accessible to all businesses, big and small, we break strategy down into something we call The Strategy Formula.


The strategy formula asks you to consider “your why”, as well as the impact you’d like to have – financially and socially, as well as the environment in which you operate.

As we work through each of these areas, we create your organisation’s strategy.

How to Start Building Your Strategy

Every good strategy starts with good questions. And we’d love to share some questions you should start asking to build your organisations’s strategy.

If you’d like to get started with building your strategy, you can download our guide, “Questions to Ask When Creating a Profitable & Impactful Business Strategy“.

Questions to ask when setting up your strategy

Questions to ask when creating an impactful & profitable business strategy

In this guide you’ll be presented with a series of questions to prepare you and your team to set-up a strategy for your business.

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