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Questions to Ask to Create Strategy

Questions to Ask When Creating an Impactful & Profitable Business Strategy

Discover the questions to ask to help your family prioritise what’s important to them as it relates to social media, technology, music, devices and screen time. Find opportunities to work collaboratively as a family to develop a philosophy that’s tailor made to your family’s needs and beliefs.

50 Ways to Build Your Audience from Scratch (with no budget)

Learn specific strategies to start building your audience with the resources and contacts you currently have. Feel empowered to make meaningful connections of people you can serve through your social media accounts and contacts using tools currently within your reach.

How to Get the Most out of a Mastermind Group

[SAMPLE GUIDELINES]: How to Get the Most out of a Mastermind Group

In this presentation, you’ll be able to take a sneak peak at the sample guidelines that were set-up for an organisation in Sydney to help establish five short-term mastermind groups. You’ll also receive a quick overview of what a mastermind entails and a few questions you should consider when you’re just getting started.

How to Get to Know Your Ideal Customer

What would you do if you could read your ideal customer’s thoughts? When you do a profile sketch of your perfect customer, you can…

  • Gain insight into the deepest needs of your clients
  • Identify the objections potential clients may have towards you
  • Understand where to find potential clients online
  • Discover the characteristics of your most engaged customers

Learn how to gain valuable insights for your business so you can start making an impact for your customers.