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We are dream advocates. We work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and authors who are striving to give life to their dreams and reach their full potential. We provide a spark for businesses that have achieved success to ignite themselves to the next level.

Let's dream. Let's make sparks fly. Let's ignite your brand!

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At Flying Sparks Communications, business happens in three phases: Dream. Spark. Fire. Where are you?    



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What’s the Point of Your Communications?

When helping clients with strategic communications planning, we’re initially flooded with their ideas about social media, magazines, websites, SEO, blogging, videos and every other form of communications.  In the middle of listening and understanding their needs, we mentally step back and ask the simple but very important question “What’s the point of your communications.”  More importantly, who’s listening and who cares? Asking “So What?” It may seem overly simplistic to strip it all…

Let’s Make Sparks Fly!