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We believe you and your organisation have the potential to change the world. We know this sounds lofty, but we also know that what you do is important.

If your product makes one person smile, heal, have courage, lose weight, have an “aha! moment”, regain strength or find faith, we know you’re making a difference.

We’re here to help you realise your potential through:


All impact begins with a strong mindset. Mindset is your belief in your ability to make a change, start a new idea or execute a project. We believe a strong mindset is the foundation for success in your organisation.

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Strategy is about existing at the centre of intentionality, and this excites us in business (and in life). We help our clients with strategy through on-site strategy development and training events.

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Organisations with strong strategies are in the best position to create content or bring a new idea to life. We believe the content creation and strategy implementation processes should happen with intentionality.

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Consultation & Research

We love a good challenge to get stuck into. Our consultative services are respectful of your subject matter expertise, while providing an alternative perspective designed to guide you to a solution.

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Digital Discipleship

Your words online can change the world. We have a deep history with Digital Discipleship, and we’re passionate about implementing strategies that will help you think holistically about your approach.

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Bespoke Services

Consider partnering with us through our bespoke services if your organisation is looking for support on a project, product launch, idea generation session, strategic event management or other production that’s within the realm of our speciality.

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About Our Founder, Rachel Lemons Aitken

Rachel loves helping you see opportunity where there are challenges, and she loves helping you turn a blank piece of paper into a great idea. As the founder of Flying Sparks Communications,  Rachel has more than fifteen years of business and communication management experience.

Additionally, she has authored a book, organised and run conferences, founded an Office of Communication at a University, set-up a foreign-language study abroad program, run two half-marathons, lived on five continents and built a brand from scratch that’s gained international recognition.

Rachel speaks three languages (and is learning a fourth) and lately loves learning the Rubix cube and gardening.

Rachel lives life passionately and intentionally and will encourage you to do the same.

Rachel has a B.A. in International Studies, a B.S. in Finance and an M.S. in Accountancy. She is certified as a Level 1 organisational coach through IECL and has certifications in Community Management and Customer Value Optimisation from Digital Marketer. Rachel has also undergone SEO training through Neil Patel’s company and through SEO service provider LongTailPro.

Visit her portfolio to learn more about her past work and experiences.

Work with Us

If you have passion to live and work with intentionality, are looking for change, chasing a dream larger than life or just want to be surrounded by the type of people who embrace this way of thinking, then you are our people, and we’d love to work with you.