Mindset Services

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All impact, whether social or financial, begins with a strong mindset. Mindset is your belief in your ability to make a change, start a new idea or execute a project.  We help our clients strengthen their mindset through

Dream. Spark. Fire. Session

Every great project, book and event began with a dream.  Sometimes, sharing an idea can provide clarity, help you hone in on your message and propel you towards the next stage of growth.  During our session, we will work together to gain clarity around your idea, understand the next steps to take in the process and help you take your idea to the next level.

$110 per session // $500 for 5 sessions


The difference between an idea and a successful product is often a coach. Just as you would engage a fitness coach to help you train your body, an organisational coach can help you train your mind.

Coaching is a change management process that will help you progress from a good idea to a successful business, book or product launch. If you need help realising your full potential, making a major change, accomplishing a goal or being held accountable, coaching offers a promising way forward.

$1500 for 6 sessions // $2750 for 12 sessions

Business Reboot

Have you ever felt stuck and unsure about how to get unstuck? Join us for a small group, two-day intensive (in-person or virtual) to jumpstart your business and get back on the right track.

During our time together, we’ll review the challenges your business is experiencing, develop strategy, understand your numbers, coach, review your content and develop new content.

We will also engage the necessary professionals to help you leave the session with digital assets (think: scheduled social media posts, blog posts, photos, etc) and an actionable plan.

Your success is our joy.

$2000 for two-day session


“My conversations with Rachel were a catalyst for a change in my mentality, which is having a profound effect on my business. One of the things that helped most was the work she did in identifying potential target markets, and discussing which was best for me. She had clearly done her research on this, and the clarity

this provided was a real blessing. I was almost sleepwalking my way through beforehand! Over and above that, having a friendly voice to vent to – someone who genuinely had my best interests at heart – was probably the most important thing. She has a very caring nature, and challenged me with some key questions, at the right times.

Ryan Buckley, Galaxy Sports Coaching