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What excites us most is intentionality in business (and in life). 

The Strategy Formula Workshop

Strategy is about aligning yourself to work with the clients you want instead of waiting for any ol’ business to come your way.

In this workshop, prepare to look at strategy in a fresh way that has a real impact on your company’s bottom line and your satisfaction within your business. Learn from an interactive session that will problem solve the issues your business is facing.

Discover new markets and business opportunities, identify unexplored opportunities and understand the impact your environment has on your business’ success through the activities presented in the workshop.

$47 for 2-hour online workshop

Strategy Development Session

If your organisation is struggling with any of the following scenarios, you may have the opportunity to further develop your strategy

  • Inconsistent marketing results
  • Mediocre or poor sales
  • Confusion about what to post on social media and your website
  • Unpredictable customer acquisition process
  • Sluggish response to changing markets

Engaging an outside firm to consult on the strategic development process can create opportunities to engage more members of the organisation in the planning thereby diversifying the input.

An outside perspective can also provide neutrality in assessing strategic opportunities, alleviate pressure from executives and challenge engrained organisational thinking to reveal unexplored possibilities.

Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing traveling along without direction?  Let’s get you on track by assessing your goals, reviewing your available tools and searching for solutions.  We will partner with you, as subject matter experts in your business, to develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your “why” as an organisation, empowers you to work with your ideal clients and allows you to have the impact you’ve always dreamt of.

Social Media Strategy

Do you want to give your social media a kick in the pants? Are you wondering where to focus your efforts? After understanding your organisation and its needs, we’ll work with you to develop an impactful social media strategy that speaks to the needs of the people you want to work with and communicates the unique story of your brand.

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