Do You Understand Why You’re Communicating?

Normally, I’m flooded with ideas about social media, magazines, websites, SEO, blogs, videos and every other form of communication when working on strategic communication plans.

In the middle of understanding all the possibilities and needs, there’s always a moment when I mentally step back and ask the simple but very important question “What’s the point of our communication.”  

More importantly, “Who’s listening and who cares?”

Asking “So What?”

It may seem overly simplistic to strip it all back and ask the simple question of “So what?”, but it’s vital to provide a path to the most effective communication plan.

Asking “So what?” lets us streamline and get to the heart of the matter.

Understanding the why behind what you’re doing can cause you to eliminate some platforms and take on some new ones.

It’s all about understanding where your true followers hang out and if you should blog, podcast, tweet, post, share, like or snap.

It’s not about following the trends as much as it is about following your followers and serving them.

Ask Yourself These Questions

So as you’re assessing your communication, I want you to answer the following questions:

  1. Who are we talking to?
  2. Are we talking with them or at them?
  3. Do we really know these people and what makes them tick?
  4. Where do they hang out online?  What do they read?  What do they watch?  How do they consume media and communication?  How does this inform our communication plan?
  5. Does our method of communication reach the people we’re trying to connect with?
  6. Have we talked to any of our customers/potential customers about how they’re connecting (or not connecting) with us?
  7. What’s the point to our communication?  What’s our end game?  What are we trying to accomplish?

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re just getting started, here are a few articles to point you in the right direction.

Communication Consultation

If you’d like a communication consultation to assess your current strategic communication plan and an insight into the services we offer, contact us.

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