How to Build Your Audience from Scratch

You’ve just started your blog, vlog, podcast or website, and you’re wondering how to build an audience from scratch? Totally understandable! One of the hardest parts about creating content is finding people to serve.

Did you see what I did there? Building an audience is all about figuring out who to serve.

As someone who has several blogs, websites and other platforms, I believe one of the best ways to build your audience is focusing on how to serve the people who need what you have to offer.

One of the Biggest Problems on the Internet

On the other hand, one of the biggest problems on the internet is people who poop and run. Gross, huh? In my opinion, it’s even grosser if you have to experience it.

Poop and runners and those who go around and drop their links, their latest blog posts, podcasts and projects all around the internet, hoping people will engage with their content when they don’t engage with the content of others.

They poop content in groups that they don’t engage in, they poop their latest videos in messages and accompany them with generic messages – if they share a message at all. They exist on the internet with a take, take, take mentality, without much thought about giving.

Don’t be a poop and runner!

Serve and Engage

The best way to build an audience is to start serving and engaging with the people you want to have in your audience.

See the difference between pooping and engaging?

When you’re focused on pooping your content everywhere then anywhere will do, whether or not your content is allowed in those places, or if the places you’re leaving your content has your audience or if your content will actually serve them.

The best way to build an audience is to find out where your audience is already hanging out and finding ways to engage them, serve them and invite them on to your platform.

10 Ways to Start Building Your Audience from Scratch

Social Media

1. Go to Instagram. Search hashtags related to your area of interest and start engaging with people on the platform. Focus on building relationships instead of a follow-unfollow stategy.

2. Follow 5 new accounts today on Twitter. Make an effort to engage with them in a meaningful way

3. Reach out to 5 people to promote your LinkedIn post, your guest blog post or your guest podcast

Serve Others

4. Find a way to help someone else out without asking for anything in return


5. Tap into networks you’re a part of, like alumni networks and professional organisations. See what online and in-person networking they offer.

6. Make a list of 5 people you want to meet and see how you are connected on LinkedIn

7. Tell people you meet your idea and what you’re trying to accomplish. Ask them if they know anyone who might benefit from it

Create Content

8. Guest post on someone else’s blog

Research Your Competition

9. Make a list of 10 people who would be your competitors. Study what they offer, how they talk to their audiences and how they engage with their audiences. Join their mailing lists if you can.

10. Join your competitions community and be helpful. Comment on blog posts, engage with their audience. These are the people you need to love, serve and understand so start doing that now.

If you’d like more ideas about how to build your audience from scratch, you can download my list of “50 Ways to Build Your Audience from Scratch”.

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