Public Speaking & Presenting

I enjoy speaking publicly and presenting.  I’ve spoken on-stage at events, including the Digital Discipleship Conference, as well as GAiN, the Global Adventist Internet Network.  Additionally, I have taught on webinars and in-person events. I love seeing people experiencing ah ha! moments and making discoveries for themselves and their businesses. Additionally, I’ve presented on camera for my business and brands as well as for the Mums at the Table program, that

Social Media Management

I’ve managed the social media accounts, including set-up, content creation, engagement, distribution and management for multiple brands ranging from woman’s health to religious and non-profit. I’m able to help you find and build your audience, understand their needs, set-up advertising campaigns and develop a content strategy.

Idea Generation & Development

Blank sheets of paper excite me, and I love the idea creation and development process.  To me this means diving deep into understanding the person you’re trying to serve, empathising with them and serving their needs. This may also include conducting client interviews, digging through analytics and learning where your audience likes to hang out online. I’ve been involved in and led many idea generation sessions for products ranging from

Event Development and Management

In my professional experience, I’ve been responsible for developing event concepts, identifying venues, marketing events — including building a brand new audience from scratch — and managing events through to successful execution. The event themes have ranged from on-campus recruitment for high school students visiting a University campus to a fundraising “Hair Affair”, designed to gather barbers, beauticians and businesses in a hair-focused event. Most recently, I conceptualised, created and

Professional Experience

I spent the first five years of my career in the financial services industry in corporate America and the next ten in communication management in the Middle East and Australia. Along with studying abroad in Spain and Brazil and speaking and consulting in places including New Zealand, England and the Pacific Islands, my diverse background has lent itself to a broad sense of cultural awareness and a diversity of ideas.

Copy Writing

Over time, I’ve researched and written copy for a variety of companies ranging from insurance, security, home and garden, finance, architecture, transportation and more. Additionally, I’ve developed copy for promotional brochures, corporate communication and online advertising campaigns.

Book Development & Marketing

In 2012, my book, Fish Food, was published by Review & Herald (now Pacific Press).  I experienced the various states of book development, from developing a book proposal with sample chapters to writing a full manuscript and working with an editorial team for revisions. One of the most challenging parts of the process was working through the marketing process of the book.  Looking back, I have the hindsight to see the

Website Development

I’ve worked on numerous website builds from the perspective of understanding internal needs across several departments and project managing the process with the developer as well as building websites from WordPress templates. Specifically, one of my most recent engagements required me to: Consult with our client to understand her brand story so I could maintain the essence of her business while creating an online presence that better reflected the spunk

Article Development

For several years, I wrote and copy edited for Today’s Outlook Magazine Qatar and Lebanon. Today’s Outlook was “launched in Beirut in 1996 and is Lebanon’s first all-English language fashion and lifestyle magazine, becoming well known not only for its feature articles on fashion and insightful coverage of lifestyle issues, but also for its exclusive editorials of renowned world celebrities.” Additionally, I have been published in numerous printed and online