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We love dreamers at Flying Sparks Communications. We believe dreams are God-breathed and inspired. We invite you to live in your sweet spot and give yourself permission to dream because it’s from dreams that big ideas are born.

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When God Gives You a Dream

When God gives you a dream to write a book, start a business or launch a project, it’s probably going to scare you, and that’s the point. If your dream doesn’t scare you… Read more

Change the Negative Story You Tell Yourself

How can you change the story you tell yourself about yourself? The first place to start is re-defining your self-imposed limits. What would you go for, right now, if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Read more

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Dream. Spark. Fire. Session

Every great project, book and event began with a dream.  Sometimes, sharing an idea can provide clarity, help you home in on your message and propel you towards the next stage of growth.  During our session, we will work together to gain clarity around your idea, understand the next steps to take in the process and help you take your idea to the next level.

$110 per session // $500 for 5 session