Strategy Development

How We Can Help You

We work in five areas: Mindset Strategy Implementation Research & Consultation Digital Discipleship What does this mean for you? We’d love to help you if: You’ve had a burning business idea and you’re not sure how to get started. You’ve started your business but stalled. You’d like to develop a plan to achieve more consistent sales. You need help believing in your ability to achieve your goals. You need to

Strategy is Important for Small Businesses

Why Strategy Is Important for Small Businesses

Mindset | Strategy | Intentional Execution | Consultation | Digital Discipleship When you think about strategy, what comes to mind?   Do you imagine a group of executives in a conference room at a retreat writing on big posters and pressing sticky notes against the wall? If this is the only image you can conjure up, then you may not think strategy is relevant to your small business.  After all, you sell a product or offer a service.